Chinese Calligraphy

毛筆書法課程 (初、中班)

適合 : 5歲或以上 (每班不多於六人)

學員可報考 “社會美術水平考試”。課程著重教授小朋友正確執筆技巧名筆順。內容則教授篆書為主,字體筆劃線條粗幼均一,間距整齊,圓潤厚重,實為小朋友習書法的最佳入門書體。

Chinese Calligraphy Level I, II

Aged 5 or above (Maximum 6 students per class)
This program aims at preparing students for the “社會美術水平考試” which is organized by the Chinese Academy of Arts. Learning to write Chinese characters through proper strokes is taught through a format called Seal script. This particular method of calligraphy is the style of choice due to its stroke and spacing which forms well controlled, uniform compositions. Consolidating this fundamental brush technique paves the way to more advanced calligraphic scripts.


楊頌雅 YEUNG chung nga, Stephanie


Tutor biography

Graduated from the Department of Fine Arts in the Chinese University of Hong Kong, majored in Chinese Painting, she has won many international and territory-wide awards, such as ‘Champion in the Open Section of The 21st China and Japan International Painting and Calligraphy Competition’, ‘Champion in the Open Section of the Chinese Painting Competition of The 30th Hong Kong Youth Cultural and Arts Competition’, ‘Hong Kong Contemporary Art Awards 2012’. Her works have been selected in ‘Hong Kong Contemporary Art Awards 2012’, ‘The 1st Shek King Yi Cup: Huaxia Calligraphy and Painting Award’, ‘Hong Kong Contemporary Biennial Art Awards 2009’.