Art Development I


Art Development I

ICS視藝技巧 (預備課程)

適合:3至4歲 (每班不多於四人)


完成四個單元可獲發學生評估表及課程證書,並可銜接《 ICS視藝技巧 (基礎課程)》。

費用 : $180 / 節

Art Development I

ICS Preparatory Art

Aged 3 – 4 (Maximum 4 students per class)

An early introduction to Art focused on both hands-on skill and fundamental Art concepts. Our four module course focuses on the most essential skills necessary for children to accomplish tasks of an Artistic nature. A primer for children in manual dexterity, spatial sense and color balance, they will get to explore many areas of Art creation at their own pace.

This course progresses to level 2 intermediate, ICS Foundation Art.

Fee : $180 / class