Cambridge English
Age: 4 or above        Class Size: 6

- All Teachers are Native Speakers
- Child placement will be determined by age and current language ability
- Free placement test is provided
- Small class numbers, never exceed 6 per class

Cambridge English - Starters
- Understanding basic English content on the internet
- Enjoying books, songs, television and films in English
- Making friends globally

Cambridge English - Movers
- Understand basic instructions or take part in simple conversations
- Understand basic notices, instructions or information
- Complete basic forms and write notes, including times, dates and places

Cambridge English - Flyers
- Understand simple written English
- Communicate in familiar situations
- Understand and use basic phrases and expressions
- Interact with English speakers who talk slowly and clearly

Cambridge English - Ket
- Understand and use basic phrases and expressions
- Understand simple written English
- Introduce themselves and answer basic questions about themselves
- Intereact with English speaker at a basic level

Cambridge English - Pet
- Read simple textbooks and articles in English
- Write letters and emails on everyday subjects
- Understand factual information
- Show awareness of opinions and mood in spoken and written English

Download Application Form
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Hong Kong