General English (G.E) Level I, II, III
Age: 6 or above        Class Size: 6

- All Teachers are Native Speakers
- Child placement will be determined by age and current language ability
- Free placement test is provided
- Small class numbers, never exceed 6 per class

Learn to apply English in the context of everyday use. Our teachers will provide comprehensive grammar training in a fun and interesting way. This course will encourage children to speak up and have confidence in using English on a regular basis.
- General grammar and use of grammar
- Comprehension, news sharing and basic conversation
- General writing skill, simple story writing, basic formal and informal writing

Level I $230 / per class (Once a week)
Level II $240 / per class (Once a week)
Level III $250 / per class (Once a week)

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Required information should be sent to
Shop 3-4 , G/F, 79F Waterloo Road
Yee On Court, Kowloon
Hong Kong