Tell Me A Story
Age: 3 - 6        Class Size: 5

‘ Tell Me A Story ’ introduce up to 50 educational stories in 6 different categories within a year.

Children will not only be developing listening skills without formal listening practice, and will be learning the subject matter along with different interactive activities and worksheets.

Lessons include story listening sections, group discussions, interactive activities, little experiments and a combination of oral presentations.

Aims :
- Learn from stories
- Develop listening skills
- Stimulate communication skills
- Develop a child’s confidence
- Encourage thinking and cognitive skills

Student Will Get :
- Workbook (TELL ME worksheet, SHOW ME worksheet)
- Library Card
- Assessment report ( For Every 8 Weeks)
- Their Own ‘ A Story About Myself ‘ book
- ‘ Tell Me A Story ‘ Certificate

Fee: $200 / class per week

Special Offer : $320 / 2 classes per week

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